A gangster’s testimony / Scottie Styles Simpson (DVD)


From the back of the DVD:

In the early eighties Johannesburg was the centre field of a gang war that had been brewing between two Bikers gangs for a long time, that culminated in the execution style ambush in the middle of the city centre.

Lying on the tar pumping their last blood out were three members of “The breeds Motorcycle Gang” in South Africa.

They had emerged as one of the most dangerous and violent gangs this country have ever seen and have become a legendary icon in the South African biker Nation.

The Author, as President, reigned for 29 years and was classified as anti-social with psychopathic tendencies in the Rand Supreme Court, where he was sent to a maximum security prison for various Bank Robberies and gangland murders.

The book is about the gut-wrenching no punches pulled, torturous journey of one man’s soul through the netherworlds of demon-possession, sorcery, gangland assassinations, prison gangs and final meeting and acceptance of the Living God, through a dramatic encounter with The Holy Ghost.

Brutal hard-hitting and intense a real page-turner. Hailee as “The cross and the switchblade” of our age.


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I met Dave (Scottie or Styles for other people) in 2010 and helped him proofread his manuscript of Black Leather Jacket: God’s grace to a gangster – the book. We printed his book and sold thousands of copies en he also manufacture this DVD with some of his testimonials. Luckily we have still stock of the DVD.


New still sealed in plastic.