Ag shame Van der Merwe: My therd book of jokes


This book is his third volume of jokes.

YOu know we South Africans cannot get on too well without Van der Merwe because we have become kind of addicted to your. And our friends beyond our borders are getting a hunger for South African’s most Famous man. People who know nothing about this great country often know only one thing and that is the name of Van der Merwe.

It is important for business too – to know Van der Merwe jokes. This is all nonsense about Van being a joke. How can there be a business dinner without the lates Van Story and whatever heard of a speech without Van being in in somewhere? SA as we are often told, faces serious problems and how are we to face problems without your jokes? This is why it’s such a shame man, that you took so long to bring out this book!

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Uitgewer:  Lorton Publications

Datum: Oct 1980

Toestand: Klein sagteband boekie met effense skimmelvlekkies in boek en aan die kante van die boek, verder stewig en netjies

Compiler: John Carver

Illustrated by Darryl Lombard