Broken & betrayed : The truth about all three murders / Alan D. Elsdon


The 2005 brutal assault and murder of student Inge Lotz, whose body was found in her Stellenbosch apartment, remains unsolved. Strangely, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has closed the case – and shows no interest in hunting down Inge’s killers.

Also murdered in 2005 were Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler, in Knysna. Heinrich van Rooyen was found guilty of these two crimes in 2007 and is serving a sentence of 30 years imprisonment without parole – until 2035. For the past 13 years, Heinrich has maintained his innocence – and alleges that he was framed by the police.

During a four-year long investigation, an unseen hand in all three murders emerged – that of the late police Director Attie Trollip, who worked closely with the NPA. Proof has emerged that he was involved in the massive cover-up of Inge’s murder to protect the perpetrators. In the two Knysna murders, the fabrication of forensic evidence against Heinrich by Trollip can also be proved.

In this book, readers are given clues into the identities of those who murdered Inge, Jessica and Victoria. A large amount of new factual evidence has been gathered – sufficient to demand that the South African Police Services reopen all three cases so that the killers can be exposed and pay for their heinous crimes.

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