Crow Jack / Elsabe Steenberg


In Crow Black, award winning writer Elsabe Steenberg tells the story of an eleven year old girl in a most unusual and fascinating way Marion has to spend a few months with her Aunt Patti in Pretoria to undergo therapy for her recently operated leg. She misses her parents and younger brother Charlie dreadfully, but steels herself  in the hope that after the specialized treatment she will be able to walk and run like other children.

But on Marion’s very first evening in Pretoria something mysterious happens: her watch vanishes from her bed. Very early the following morning a dark shadow appears on the balcony, and suddenly Marion;s watcg is back on her bed, but with a broken strap…

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Uitgewer: De Jager-HAUM

Datum: First edition first impression 1985

Toestand: Hardeband met mooi gekleurde glansvoorblad skoon en nuwe voorkoms

Stofomslagontwerp en ander kunswerke: Alida Carpenter