In the field / Cecilia Fitzsimons


There are so many things to see in the field: buttercups and daisies and ladybirds, rabbits and foxes.

A picture book for the very young, to introduce them to the field as a habitat and to the plants and animals that live there.

Author’s note: When you look across a grassy meadow you may not see very much. Look more closely, wait quietly, and you will soon discover many different animals and plants.

Remember what you have seen by keeping a nature notebook. You could write about:

  • Where you are and what the place looks like.
  • Make a list of birds, insects, other animals and plants
  • What are they doing? How many are there?
  • What colour are they?
  • Do some drawings of the things you find.
  • Collect and stick in printede pictures or take some photographs

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Puffin Books

First Published  1990

Soft cover book with beautiful pictures as the one on the cover photo

Series : What can I see?