Justin / Dennis A. Gazard


In a dark alley in densely populated Hillbrow, two gangs meet. Justin Casey takes half of a broken bottle and waits. Suddenly a police siren sounds…

Hiding behind a row of dustbins in  a seedy courtyard, his clothes saturated in sweat, Justin is overcome by despair and sadness. He had turned his back on all that he loved… Haunted by guilt, he doesn’t know who to turn to.

In Justin, Dennis A Gazard explores the problems faced by a gifted teenage boy whose parents are painfully separated. Uprooted from his sheltered, typically middle class home, Justin enters a new school where he is grouped with other youngster who pit their abrasive rebelliousness against authority.

Is is a youth novel about friendships, about being accepted, and about the responsibility that giftedness requires, written with a vigour and sensitivity that will appeal to the young.

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Uitgewer: Kagiso Education

Datum: 11th impr 2008

Toestand: Sagteband in nuwe toestand

Stofomslagontwerp: Alida Carpenter