My criptic life / Donald Els Alanby


My cryptic life: Experiences and untold stories from an Apartheid Policeman.

Serving in the SA Police during the “Apartheid” era was not for the faint-hearted. In this unique, factual and often humorous account, the author allows the reader a rare glimpse into the lifestyle and strange “behind the scenes” activities within the Police Force.

Readers will discover experiences within the Uniform branch, as a detective, an undercover Drug Squad operative and insight into the notorious methods used by the dreaded Security Branch.

Gain insight into mysterious unsolved political murders which were instructed “right for the top” and which until today reamin unsolved. Alson read: The tall assasin by Alan D. Elsdon. Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar as Die lang generaal.

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Uitgewer:  Just Done Productions

Datum: Second edition 2010

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