Oliver Twist / Charles Dickens


Oliver Twist  was one of the first of Dickens’s books to be published, but it has also been one of the most popular. It includes some of Dickens’s most memorable characters, as well as the celebrated quotation from Oliver, Please sir, I want some more’. So dramatic in action, so vivid the descriptions of criminal life in London and so compelling the evil Fagin, the cruel Sikes and the Artful Dodger, that the reader’s attention is gripped throughout. But Oliver Twist is far more than just a good story. We are always aware of Dickens’s sympathy for the weak and oppressed and the emotional power which generates in his writing makes this a truly great novel.

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Uitgewer: Macmillan Education

Datum: Reprinted 1984

Toestand: Sagteband klein boekie met mooi foto van Oliver op voorblad, naam van vorige eienaar voorin geskryf