Rembrandt / Christopher White


Rembrandt is among the few outstanding artists of universal appeal. Yet he remains an elusive figure, too often the subject of romantic interpretation. Christopher White, author of a number of highly regarded books on Rembrandt, firmly bases himself on the known facts, and builds up a sensitive, accurate and fully-rounded portrait of his life and work. He decsribes the radiant happiness of Rembrandt’s marriage, tragically cut short by the death of his wife, and discusses the catastrophe of his bankruptcy. He suggests the psychological factors the may have awakened  Rembrandt’s sudden interest in landscape and sympathetically delineates the last decade in which he  retreated into  the private world of his imagination.

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Uitgewer: Thames and Hudson

Datum: 1984

Toestand: Sagteband so goed as nuut, voorbladfoto van Rembrandt in kleur

With 171 illustrations 16 in colour