Rustenburg Romance: the history of a Voortrekker Town / Eric Rosenthal


There are few South Africans towns in South Africa, which have a more varied or interesting history than Rustenburg. From the moment of its foundation by the Voortrekkers, exciting events seemed to follow the adventures of the early hunters and explorers.

Rustenburg was Paul Kruger’s “home town”, with the farm nearby to which he always returned after the strain of public work.

Here long before Pretoria existed, the Volksraad had its meetings, indeed, Pretoria was established as a “buitekerk” for the scattered Rustenburg congregation! Even the site of  Johannesburg, 35 years younger, once belonged to the Rustenburg district.

Here too, broke out the long-forgotten Transvaal Civil War and here, 11 years before the proclamation of the Rand, the  Rustenburg Gold Mining Co. was formed.

Written by the well known historian and author Eric Rosenthal, Rustenburg Romance gives a highly interesting account of this history, with much information brought to light for the first time…

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Uitgewer: Perskor Publishers

Datum: First edition, first impression 1979

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