Skinny snacks (eat more, weigh less!) / Karen Protheroe


Skinny Snacks offers a refreshing approach to losing weight through eating low-fat, snacky meals six times a day.

Inside you will find:

  • Eating plans for men and women who want to lose weight
  • Tips on low-fat cooking, shopping and eating out
  • low-fat snack recipes
  • Additional snacking ideas for :
  • a) emotional eaters
  • b) cancer prevention
  • c) diabetes
  • d) a healthy heart
  • e) healthy and energy
  • f) sports and training
  • g) pregnancy
  • h) for children and teenagers

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Karen Protheroe has ”n B.Sc. Med. Hons degree in Dietetics from University of Cape Town and runs 8 dietetic practices in the Western Cape.

Struik Publishers

First published 2002

Soft cover cook book in long format