The flying saucer mystery / Carolyn Keene


A terrifying invasion… Suddenly a weird light flashed across the darkened sky, casting eerie shadows through the forest. Then came a tremendous rush of wind. Stunned, Nancy watched as a great whirling object hurtled through the clouds and over the distant treetops. Breathlessly she whispered, “It’s the flying saucer!”

A camping holiday turns into a bizarre mystery for Nancy and her friends when they are threatened by an alien spacecraft. Determined to find out what is going on, Nancy sets out to investigate. But the UFO has strange and dangerous powers…

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Uitgewer: Armada

Datum: 1985

Toestand: Sagteband met vuil merk op voorblad, boekinhoud egter nog stewig

Illustrasies: Deur Ruth Sanderson

Reeks: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories no. 52