The last white Parliament / Frederik van Zyl Slabbert


The last white parliament is a moving and extraordinary book. Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, politician an patriot, writes candidly of his country, its politics and its plight.

This not just a political book. It is an intensely personal account of how Dr. Slabbert came to reject the brand of Nasionalism so many of his fellow Afrikaners embrace. He tells the story of how he stumbled into politics and became house-trained. He examines his years in Parliament and the events of his times, focusing on the advent of the new tri-cameral Parliament and the  white folly of black exclusion from this Parliament. He explores what can be done to rectify this and concludes with a succinct chapter on the future, which, in Paul Valery’s words, “is not what it used to be”.

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Uitgewer: Hans Strydom Publishers

Datum: First published 1985

Toestand: Hardeband met  mooi omslag boek in goeie en skoon toestand