The missing snowman / Angela and Pat Mills


Deep in the woods, where people seldom go, live the Butterfly children, each with the wings of a real butterfly. There is DC, their leader, always on the lookout for adventure and excitement, clever Chrissie who knows just what to do when there is a problem, Pete and Red trying to outdo one another at everything, Spike on the lookout for a fight, shy little Morpho and many more…

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Story by Greta Landen

Uitgewer: Peter Hadcock LTD

Datum: Geen

Toestand:  Hardeband met gekleurde glansvoorblad, ‘n paar bladsye het merke met vetkryt – twee bo-oor die teks maar steeds leesbaar

Illustrasies: Angela Mills – van die mooiste volkleur sketse ooit